• Post-Butt

    The digital revolution has enlarged the power of the image: it only takes a single click to distribute it world wide. As we are a narcissistic species, millions of self-depictions are being uploaded every day. There is an overload of pictures of our backsides on the internet: the 'belife' – short for butt selfie – has become a new trend. The female bottom is omnipresent; the butt has gone viral.
    Post Butt researches the rise and glory of the behind in the media, taking flight with Jennifer Lopez and turning Kim Kardashian into a symbol of feminine power. This project translates the endless stream of buttocks from the digital screen into a physical installation that investigates the phenomenon in a different context.

  • Published by Onomatopee
    softcover format 165 x 240 mm

    Edition1: 800. Year: 2017.
    ISBN: 978-94-91677-70-0

    Edition 2: 1000. Year: 2019.
    ISBN: 978-94-93148-02-4